How to Make a Money Making Blog Online Using WordPress?

How to Make a Money Making Blog

As you know, there are many platforms for blogging, but WordPress is best because of its flexibility and usability. For WordPress blog initially, you need a domain and web hosting for WordPress.

Well, today I’m here to tell you how you can make money from the blog using WordPress;

There are many ways through which you can monetize your blog to earn handsome money at home but here are some ways through which you can make money online without any huge investment.

Ways to monetize your blog using WordPress:

How to Make a Money Making Blog

Make Money With WordPress Affiliate Marketing:

You can make money with affiliate marketing. Yes! You need to do complete research on affiliate product, monthly searches and it’s keywords. After a complete analysis, you have to buy a domain and web hosting for WordPress. You’ll be paid if your visitors of your blog purchases products using your website.

You can use ClickBank, eBay, Amazon and there are many other affiliate program sites which offer a huge commitment to their affiliate marketers.

Display Google AdSense on WordPress:

You can display Google AdSense ads on the blog to generate revenue from impressions and traffic you are getting on your WordPress blog.

Google AdSense is one of the best-paying networks which offers high CPC to its publishers. If you’re getting huge traffic and you’re willing to earn handsome amount online, then I’ll always recommend you to use Google AdSense.

Before applying to AdSense make sure that your blog content complies with their terms and conditions because AdSense is strict about its policy. If your blog isn’t following the rules, then you can’t expect approval from Google for ads.

Use a WordPress Advertising Plugin to Sell Ads Directly:

You can use WordPress advertising plugin to sell ads using your blog. There are many companies or third parties which offer to sell ads; you can get paid after getting an impression on third-party ads.

As I’ve mentioned about affiliate marketing above in that way, you’ll get paid after conversion, but here you’ll be paid by impressions, visitors and clicks.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts:

As you know content is the king, If you want to be a successful blogger you need best blog posts. You can sell blog posts to any blogger. Guest posting is the term in which you write for other websites to get the do-follow backlink from them. If you are a content writer, you can target some niches and sell sponsored blog posts to the bloggers.

Get Paid to Write Reviews:

As you know the Internet is power nowadays, If you have a WordPress blog and you are getting huge traffic, so It means you have some followers who follow your blog, who trust you so, you can offer anyone to pay you and you will promote their products, company or any other thing using your blog. You can write a review about anyone, and you’ll get paid.

Create a Private Forum:

Nowadays if anyone is having the problem or confusing folks probably use the forum too for their questions or problems because here you can submit your question and anyone can reply you. If you’re willing to monetise your blog and you want to earn money easily, then I’ll recommend you to use the private forum. You don’t need to work harder on this niche. People will automatically use it, and you’ll get automated traffic.

Create a Directory Website With WordPress:

Search engine optimization plays an important role in our life so; bloggers love to submit their website or blog on others website to get the backlink. You can create a directory website with WordPress. You’ll have to allow your visitors to submit website link with title and meta tags.

Create a WordPress Job Board With Paid Submissions:

You can create jobs portal on your WordPress blog. Nowadays many people search for jobs online on google so you can submit specific jobs for a specific field on your blog and get paid from advertising network too.

Sell Ebooks on WordPress:

Due to the technology revolution nobody loves to read from the books now there is a trend of the ebook (The electronic book in the form of PDF or any other format). You can sell ebooks on your blog to get paid from the buyers. You can write your novels, poetry and jokes to sell them on your WordPress blog in the form of an ebook.

Sell Online Courses:

If you have skills and you can train anyone no matter whether If it is cooking, blogging, SEO, guitar playing or any other you can easily make videos and detailed guides on them to sell online.

You can make courses and sell them easily on WordPress blog.

Additional ways you can do to make money online:

  • Sell Services Online Using WordPress: You can sell your services online on your WordPress blog. You can integrate payment gateways to get paid online for your services.
  • Offer Freelance Services: You can offer freelance services on your blog, and people will be able to buy your services online via freelancing platforms.
  • Start Your Own Consulting Business: If you are an entrepreneur or business expert, then you can start your blog for consultation of business online.
  • Start an ECommerce Business With WooCommerce: You can sell physical products online using WooCommerce on your WordPress blog. You’ll have to promote your products online and get sales.
  • Create an Online T-shirt Store With WordPress
  • Create a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop
  • Become a WordPress Designer or Developer
  • Develop WordPress Plugins
  • Sell WordPress Themes
  • Sell Graphics on Your WordPress Site

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