The PROs of A Good Web Hosting For WordPress [Blogger’s Review]

Pros of Good Web Hosting For WordPress

As you already know that a blogger needs a best web hosting for WordPress blog. If you’re targeting a long term niche for your WordPress blog, then you need to choose the best web hosting for your blogging career. It isn’t deal of one or two days. Your WordPress blog should be hosted on the best server. As you know traffic and content are the most important things which play an important role in ranking and earning. If your web hosting server is capable of giving you 99.99% uptime, then it would be more beneficial for you shortly.

There are many web hosting services available in the market, but some of them are effective but expensive, but as you know you have to take WP blog for a long time, then you should use the effective and affordable server for you. I’ll recommend you to buy WPX hosting for you.

Pros of Good Web Hosting For WordPress

Here are some features of WPX hosting for WordPress;

  • Sub Domains: You’ll be provided with access to subdomains. You can create multiple, and you can host them comfortably without any technical training. There isn’t any restriction or limitation on the creation of subdomains. If you have various solutions, products, services or blog categories, then you can manage in subdomains without any additional charges.
  • Multiple Add-ons: You’ll be provided with access to various add-ons. You can host more than one domains easily on your web hosting for your WordPress blog. If you have more then 1 domain, then you don’t need to buy specific web hosting CPanel for the particular domain. You can host multiple domains on your WPX web hosting.
  • FTP: File transfer protocol will be provided to you through which you can transfer files on your web hosting easily. You can move files through any FTP software without login into your server. The credentials of the FTP will be provided to you by default, or If you want to make more than one, then you’re allowed to generate multiple FTP accounts. All the software can easily be used for FTP.
  • PHP Scripts: Additional PHP scripts will be provided to you. There are many PHP scripts on a different niche will be available on hosting CPanel you’re allowed to install it on your domain, and you can use it to monetise to earn money online.
  • Site Migrations: If you want to migrate your website from one hosting account to another or If you want to import or export the data then this functionality is available on your CPanel.
  • Free SSL certificates: For your website, secure connections your domains will be automatically will be redirected to the https. Your website connection will be secure with the SSL certificates. Your URL will be redirected to its page without any error or bug.
  • DDoS Protection: WPX assist in protecting its users from hackers and harmful activities. Pirates will not access your files because of DDoS protection. No one can make login attacks.
  • Manual Backups: Manual backups will be provided to the users through which they can easily save their files on local storage for future use. It assists you to save your data from data loss. Manual backups are nowadays basic need for all.
  • Malware Scanning & Removal: If you have uploaded any crack themes or plugins for your WordPress blog and there is any harmful or hacking file then It will not be uploaded successfully. Your data will be scanned every time. It takes care of scanning and removal of harmful files from the web hosting.
  • Full Backup Manager: If you have lost your website data and you are willing to restore your data from the backup manager then you can easily manage that without any server management knowledge. You need to click on restore. Your data will be restored as it was live.
  • PHP 7.X: Your web hosting will be compatible with the new features or new frameworks of PHP programming language. You’ll be provided with the shell access for custom programming.
  • 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed: WPX Hosting Discount aims to provide 99.99% uptime to its customers. No matter whether if you are getting thousands of eyeballs on your blog at one time, your website will not down. Your website will be load faster, and there isn’t any risk to lose traffic.
  • 1-Click WordPress Install: Now there isn’t any need to install WordPress manually. You can install WordPress to your any domain without any manual configuration. You manage your WordPress installation within a single click. You can easily install or modify your WP installation within a single click.
  • Auto Daily Backups: Your data will be automatically back up for future use of site data. In case of any loss, you’ll be able to restore data easily. You don’t need to backup manually.
  • Multiple User Management: If you have multiple users to manage your web hosting then you can easily assign your Cpanel access to multiple users.
  • Site Builder: Site builder will be additionally provided to you through which you can create your website through drag and drop. You don’t need to buildup website through programming because you can create any website through site builder.
  • MySql: MySql is the non-procedural language used for database management. MySql will easily manage your data. Your data will be kept in the form of tables. Database management and programmers probably use MySql.

Note: You’ll get many additional features which aren’t mentioned above.

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