Social Warfare Pro: The Best Social Sharing Plugin (With Discount)

Social Warfare Pro Coupon

Here I will be sharing the best social sharing plugin details and discount coupon. If you are a new or pro blogger then you know how important a social sharing plugin plays in getting social traffic to a blog.

There are many free social sharing plugins which you can use in your WordPress blog but the problem with them is that you will not get the best result or maybe it doesn’t affect your blog performance. So investing in the best social sharing plugin will give you the best result. The problem you will face is how to know which WordPress plugin is the best one so you can invest in the right product. so here I have mentioned a best social plugin called “Social Warfare”. We will talk further about social warfare. First, it is necessary to know why to invest in a social plugin.

Why Social Sharing Plugin Is Used?

To make a blog successful it requires traffic and the most important the blog should be completely optimized for handling the traffic and provide amazing user experience so the traffic will return to the blog.

So to make a blog more dynamic and responsive we can use plugins to add functionality to the blog so the user can interact with it more. SEO is done on every blog which is the search engine optimization technique so that your blog can rank in the googles search result for a particular keyword. from many techniques, social sharing plugin is one of them. This technique is very easy and provides great result in the blog performance,

The social sharing plugin adds the functionality of social sharing buttons for facebook, twitter, Pinterest and many more social platforms. Suppose a user is reading your blog post and if he/she liked the post and wants to let their friend and families know about it but if you have not added the plugin then you will lose your potential of gaining free traffic. On the other hand, if you have a sharing button on the post then they feel free to share your blog post to their acquaintances and this will lead to more free traffic to your blog.

How Social Sharing Plugin is Effective?

To get traffic to your blog you will have to pay some money on the ads and you know that ads are very expensive for new bloggers. While you have the SEO trick to get free social traffic to your blog without paying so much money on ads.

The power of social traffic is that you can become viral in just a few seconds if people love your content. Many SEO experts have recommended adding a social sharing plugin to the blog to make is more responsive to users and also help you in gaining more social traffic.

Who to Use Social Sharing Plugin?

Social sharing plugin can be used by business websites, general blogs, e-commerce websites, service websites, etc whoever wants to optimize the blog can use the social sharing plugin.

Now we know everything about the social sharing plugin why to use it and how it is worth investing. Now move to the best social sharing plugin which I have mentioned above earlier. Social Warfare

What is Social Warfare?

Social warfare is an advanced lightweight plugin designed to add the extra features to a normal blog and make it more responsive and increase its performance. People are using Social Warfare for years for optimizing their blog and to gain some extra free traffic. Social warfare is available in two versions, free and pro.

Social Warfare Pro

In the free version, you will get only limited features while on the pro version you will have access to the premium features to add more functionality to your blog. so here I have talked about the pro version only.

Now the basic thing is that Social Warfare will cost you the normal price when you go the WarfarePlugins directly but if you want to get discount on this amazing plugin then you must check out Social Warfare discount coupon which will help you earn up to 20% discount when you’ll be using this coupon at the checkout.

Social Warfare Coupon

Social Warfare Pro Features

1. Click-to-tweet

The click-to-tweet button is a very effective button for twitter platform to increase the twitter share and gain traffic from twitter website. there will be a click-to-tweet button on any quote of the blog post so that the user can easily tweet it to their twitter handle.

2. Pin Button

The other amazing tool is a pin button which is a button for the Pinterest platform. there will appear a pin button on the image of the post whenever the user will hover the pointer over the image. This provides the user benefit of adding their favorite image from your blog to their account.

3. Popular Post

There is a popular post feature which will show the popular post from your blog on the right sidebar. This will help the user to know which post is on trending on your blog.

4. Share Counts

This feature is not available in other plugins. You have the option to show the share count from zero or wait for some target and when the targeted count is achieved you can make the share count visible to all the users. this can be helpful for new blogs as in the beginning there is not much share on the blog and 1-2 views can negatively affect blogs performance.

5. Share Count Recovery

Just in case if you have been using another social sharing plugin then may have faced the problem of view counts lost due to changing the social link or migration. This can be very frustrating because you have been working on it for a year, but in social warfare, you can easily recover the share count and gain again the user’s trust.

If you are very serious about making your blog a success then you have to invest in the social warfare plugin as it will give you all the necessary tools to add functionality to your blog to make it dynamic and provide amazing results.

You can purchase social warfare plugin using the discount coupon to get a good discount on the plugin and can save some money on the deal.

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