How To Start A WordPress Blog Using WPX Hosting (Guide For 2019)

Start a Blog with WPX Hosting

Today everyone wants to try their luck in the blogging career because it is far better than a 9-5 job, where you are gets frustrated with the same and boring environment. On the other hand, the blog has the power to make you famous, achieve your dream, start an online business.

The most common reason for starting a blog is to earn some passive income. You can earn good amount of money with a blog. I have seen people who become famous for doing blogging as a full-time career.

Creating a blog is not an astro science. Everyone can do it in just a few minutes thanks to the advanced technology which provides you all the features in your fingertips. However to create a successful blog you need to keep some points in mind before creating a blog.

Choose The Best Web Hosting

If you want to start a completely SEO friendly blog then you need to look for the fast and best web hosting to host your blog on it. there are various hosting companies out there in the market but not all of them guarantees to provide you the best and fast services. You will regret after purchasing any cheap web hosting because the speed of your blog completely depends on the web hosting you are using.

How Web Hosting Affects Blogs

Not many of don’t know is how web hosting is important for a blog performance. Then let me clear all this up. A web hosting is very important because all the files and traffic will be handled on this server only and if you have a cheap web hosting then you might face many problems of speed, performance, uptime, hack, etc.

So going with the cheap web hosting will not take your far in the blogging field. you will be stuck in the same position doesn’t matter how much you are putting your efforts. So to start good you need to go with the best web hosting service which will make your blog run faster and give better results.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting For WordPress

WPX hosting Coupon by is an advanced web hosting service who offers the fastest servers to the clients to host their website and blog on it. WPX hosting is far better than other companies. The best thing about the WPX hosting which people love is its free add-ons. The company has awarded as the #1 web hosting provider of the year 2019.

Why WPX hosting is better than others?

WPX hosting is not like other web hosting service providers it focuses on the best servers, complete advance security, and amazing responsive customer support. This quality makes wpx hosting different from other companies. I have been using it for many years and I haven’t found any reason to go with another web hosting. The customer support team is very responsive and always available for you anytime you want.

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How to start a WordPress blog with WPX hosting?

The process of creating a WordPress blog using wpx hosting is very simple. you just need to follow the guide step by step to start your own too.

Step 1: Purchase a domain

The first thing you need to do is to buy a domain name you want for your blog. you have many options to buy from any domain registrar.

WPX Hosting Domains

Step 2: Buy WPX hosting

The next step you have to do is to go to the WPX hosting official website. once you have landed on the WPX hosting official page where you have to click on the WordPress hosting. There you are directed to the hosting package page.

From there you have the option to choose from different plans whichever suit your need. after you have purchased the hosting plan. You will be directed to the payment page. Do the payment. Once all done you are done then you need to link your domain with the web hosting.

You can do it by changing the name servers on the admin panel of the web hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress

After that, you have linked the domain with the web hosting you need to install the WordPress software on the server. You don’t require to do any coding. You have the option of 1-click install where in just 1 click the WordPress will automatically download to the server and then you are free to do anything in the WordPress.

Step 4: Choose a theme

While choosing a blog theme always keep in mind to choose only the SEO friendly and full optimized themes for the blog for better performance. In WordPress, you will get lots of free themes and plugin.

Now the blog is created. the web hosting helped you in creating the blog in just a few minutes and also offers amazing premium services.

WPX Hosting features

1. Free SSL certificate

WPX Hosting SSL Certificate

In WPX hosting you will get unlimited free SSL certificate which is expensive if you will get it from any registrar. But in wpx, you are getting it for free which mean you will save a good amount of money on the certificate and will make the users trust your website.

2. Daily backups

This features you will not find in many web hosting. Wpx offers you the automatic daily backup of your blog to the other servers so that your data can be kept safe In case of any data breach on the blog and can easily recover the blog from the backup.

3. Extreme faster servers

WPX hosting is known for its fast servers which makes your blog run blazing fast. The load time of your blog reduces to 1 second which is the fastest load time for any blog. this load time will impress your users and they will form trust on the blog leading to the more traffic.

There are many other features also which you can go and check on the official website of WPX hosting.

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